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Chapter 3. Managing Cluster Credentials

Perform tasks to manage authentication for Data Grid clusters.


  • An oc client in your $PATH.

3.1. Retrieving Cluster Credentials

You can retrieve credentials for your Data Grid clusters as base64-encoded strings from secrets in your cluster namespace.

If you do not create secrets and credentials when you create clusters, the Data Grid Operator automatically generates them with the following defaults:

Default usernames
  • Management user is admin.
  • Application user is developer.
Default credentials secrets
  • example-rhdg-mgmt-generated-secret contains credentials for the management user.
  • example-rhdg-app-generated-secret contains credentials for the application user.


  • Get the credentials from the secret. For example, to get the password for the application user from the default secret:

    $ oc get secret example-rhdg-app-generated-secret \
    -n my_namespace -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 --decode

    Use the jp JSON processor to retrieve credentials as follows:

    $ oc get secret example-rhdg-app-generated-secret \
    -n my_namespace -o json | jq '.data | map_values(@base64d)'
      "password": "tUElqbfoJmT,NJVN",
      "username": "developer"