Chapter 5. Return Values

5.1. About Return Values

Values returned by cache operations are referred to as return values. In Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, these return values remain reliable irrespective of which cache mode is employed and whether synchronous or asynchronous communication is used.

5.2. Disabling Return Values

Library Mode

By default, in Library Mode, JBoss Data Grid returns previous values in the cache for put() and remove() API operations.

To conserve resources, you can disable these return values where you do not require them.

Use the IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES flag from the org.infinispan.context.Flag class as follows:

  1. Set the IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES flag. This flag signals that the operation’s return value is ignored. For example:

  2. Set the SKIP_CACHE_LOAD flag. This flag does not load entries from any configured CacheStores. For example:


    For more information, see Flag.IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES

Remote Client/Server Mode

By default, when remotely accessing caches in Server Mode, JBoss Data Grid disables return values so that put() and remove() API operations do not return previous values in the cache.

You can set the FORCE_RETURN_VALUE in org.infinispan.client.hotrod.Flag to return previous values for put() and remove() API operations. However, doing this adds performance costs through serialization and network requirements.

For more information, see Flag.FORCE_RETURN_VALUE