Chapter 42. Data Interoperability

42.1. Protocol Interoperability

Protocol interoperability enables clients that are written in different programming languages to read and write cache entries from any Red Hat JBoss Data Grid endpoint, such as REST, Memcached, or Hot Rod.

Each endpoint stores data in a suitable format so that data transformation is not required to retrieve entries from the cache. However, when accessing data from multiple protocols, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid must convert data between the formats for each endpoint.

To access data in a cache from multiple protocols, you must enable compatibility mode on that cache.


Compatibility mode supports only strings and primitives. Objects are not supported.

42.1.1. Enabling Compatibility Mode

To enable compatibility mode, add enabled=true to the compatibility element as follows:

<cache-container name="local" default-cache="default" statistics="true">
    <local-cache name="default" statistics="true">
        <compatibility enabled="true">

JBoss Data Grid uses the GenericJBossMarshaller marshaller by default in compatibility mode. However, when using memcached, you must explicitly set this marshaller in the configuration. For more information, see Protocol Interoperability in the Developer Guide.