Chapter 1. Introduction to JBoss Data Grid 7.1

1.1. Introduction to Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7.1

Welcome to Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7.1. As you become familiar with the newest version of JBoss Data Grid these Release Notes provide you with information about new features, as well as known and resolved issues. Use this document in conjunction with the entire JBoss Data Grid documentation suite, available at the Red Hat Customer Service Portal’s JBoss Data Grid documentation page.

1.2. About Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Red Hat’s JBoss Data Grid is an open source, distributed, in-memory key/value data store built from the Infinispan open source software project. Whether deployed in client/server mode or embedded in a Java Virtual Machine, it is built to be elastic, high performance, highly available and to scale linearly.

JBoss Data Grid is accessible for both Java and Non-Java clients. Using JBoss Data Grid, data is distributed and replicated across a manageable cluster of nodes, optionally written to disk and easily accessible using the REST, Memcached and Hot Rod protocols, or directly in process through a traditional Java Map API.

1.3. Overview

This document contains information about the known issues of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7.1. Customers are requested to read this documentation prior to installing this version.