C.20. Statistics

This component handles general statistics such as timings, hit/miss ratio, etc.

Table C.31. Attributes

Name Description Type Writable
averageReadTime Average number of milliseconds for a read operation on the cache. long No
averageWriteTime Average number of milliseconds for a write operation in the cache. long No
elapsedTime Number of seconds since cache started. long No
evictions Number of cache eviction operations. long No
hitRatio Percentage hit/(hit+miss) ratio for the cache. double No
hits Number of cache attribute hits. long No
misses Number of cache attribute misses. long No
numberOfEntries Number of entries currently in the cache. int No
readWriteRatio Read/writes ratio for the cache. double No
removeHits Number of cache removal hits. long No
removeMisses Number of cache removals where keys were not found. long No
stores Number of cache attribute PUT operations. long No
timeSinceReset Number of seconds since the cache statistics were last reset. long No
averageRemoveTime Average number of milliseconds for a remove operation in the cache long No

Table C.32. Operations

Name Description Signature
resetStatistics Resets statistics gathered by this component. void resetStatistics()
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