22.5. JBoss Operations Network for Remote Client-Server Mode

In Red Hat JBoss Data Grid's Remote Client-Server mode, the JBoss Operations Network plug-in is used to
  • initiate and perform installation and configuration operations.
  • monitor resources and their metrics.
In Remote Client-Server mode, the JBoss Operations Network plug-in uses JBoss Enterprise Application Platform's management protocol to obtain metrics and perform operations on the JBoss Data Grid server.

22.5.1. Installing the JBoss Operations Network Plug-in (Remote Client-Server Mode)

The following procedure details how to install the JBoss Operations Network plug-ins for Red Hat JBoss Data Grid's Remote Client-Server mode.
  1. Install the plug-ins

    • Copy the JBoss Data Grid server rhq plug-in to $JON_SERVER_HOME/plugins.
    • Copy the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform plug-in to $JON_SERVER_HOME/plugins.
    The server will automatically discover plug-ins here and deploy them. The plug-ins will be removed from the plug-ins directory after successful deployment.
  2. Obtain plug-ins

    Obtain all available plug-ins from the JBoss Operations Network server. To do this, type the following into the agent's console:
    plugins update
  3. List installed plug-ins

    Ensure the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform plug-in and the JBoss Data Grid server rhq plug-in are installed correctly using the following:
    plugins info
JBoss Operation Network can now discover running JBoss Data Grid servers.