17.4. Connection Factories

In Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, all JDBC cache stores rely on a ConnectionFactory implementation to obtain a database connection. This process is also known as connection management or pooling.
A connection factory can be specified using the ConnectionFactoryClass configuration attribute. JBoss Data Grid includes the following ConnectionFactory implementations:
  • ManagedConnectionFactory
  • SimpleConnectionFactory.
  • PooledConnectionFactory.

17.4.1. About ManagedConnectionFactory

ManagedConnectionFactory is a connection factory that is ideal for use within managed environments such as application servers. This connection factory can explore a configured location in the JNDI tree and delegate connection management to the DataSource.

17.4.2. About SimpleConnectionFactory

SimpleConnectionFactory is a connection factory that creates database connections on a per invocation basis. This connection factory is not designed for use in a production environment.