5.3. Boot Logging

The boot log is the record of events that occur while the server is starting up (or booting). Red Hat JBoss Data Grid also includes a server log, which includes log entries generated after the server concludes the boot process.

5.3.1. Configure Boot Logging

Edit the logging.properties file to configure the boot log. This file is a standard Java properties file and can be edited in a text editor. Each line in the file has the format of property=value.
In Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, the logging.properties file is available in the $JDG_HOME/standalone/configuration folder.

5.3.2. Default Log File Locations

The following table provides a list of log files in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid and their locations:

Table 5.1. Default Log File Locations

Log File Location Description
boot.log $JDG_HOME/standalone/log/ The Server Boot Log. Contains log messages related to the start up of the server.
server.log $JDG_HOME/standalone/log/ The Server Log. Contains all log messages once the server has launched.