C.18. RpcManager

The RpcManager component manages all remote calls to remote cache instances in the cluster.


The RpcManager component is only available in clustered mode.

Table C.28. Attributes

Name Description Type Writable
averageReplicationTime The average time spent in the transport layer, in milliseconds. long No
committedViewAsString Retrieves the committed view. String No
pendingViewAsString Retrieves the pending view. String No
replicationCount Number of successful replications. long No
replicationFailures Number of failed replications. long No
successRatio Successful replications as a ratio of total replications. String No
successRatioFloatingPoint Successful replications as a ratio of total replications in numeric double format. double No
statisticsEnabled Enables or disables the gathering of statistics by this component. boolean Yes

Table C.29. Operations

Name Description Signature
resetStatistics Resets statistics gathered by this component. void resetStatistics()
setStatisticsEnabled Whether statistics should be enabled or disabled (true/false) void setStatisticsEnabled(boolean enabled)
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