13.12. Interoperability Between Hot Rod C++ and Hot Rod Java Client

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid provides interoperability between Hot Rod Java and Hot Rod C++ clients to access structured data. This is made possible by structuring and serializing data using Google's Protobuf format.
For example, using interoperability between languages would allow a Hot Rod C++ client to write the following Person object structured and serialized using Protobuf, and the Java C++ client can read the same Person object structured as Protobuf.

Example 13.10. Using Interoperability Between Languages

package sample;
message Person {
    required int32 age = 1;
    required string name = 2;
Although it is neither enforced or supported, it is recommended that the Hot Rod Java client use the shipped Protostream library for serializing Protobuf objects. Protobuf library is a recommended serialization solution for C++ (https://code.google.com/p/protobuf/).
Interoperability between C++ and Hot Rod Java Client is fully supported for primitive data types, strings, and byte arrays, as Protobuf and Protostream are not required for these types of interoperability.
For information about how the C++ client can read Protobuf encoded data, see https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-jdg-quickstarts/tree/master/remote-query/src/main/cpp.