30.3. Configure Server Hinting (Library Mode)

In Red Hat JBoss Data Grid's Library mode, Server Hinting is configured at the transport level. The following is a Server Hinting sample configuration:

Procedure 30.2. Configure Server Hinting for Library Mode

The following configuration attributes are used to configure Server Hinting in JBoss Data Grid.
<transport clusterName = "MyCluster"
           machineId = "LinuxServer01"
           rackId = "Rack01"
           siteId = "US-WestCoast" />
  1. The clusterName attribute specifies the name assigned to the cluster.
  2. The machineId attribute specifies the JVM instance that contains the original data. This is particularly useful for nodes with multiple JVMs and physical hosts with multiple virtual hosts.
  3. The rackId parameter specifies the rack that contains the original data, so that other racks are used for backups.
  4. The siteId parameter differentiates between nodes in different data centers replicating to each other.
The listed parameters are optional in a JBoss Data Grid configuration.
If machineId, rackId, or siteId are included in the configuration, TopologyAwareConsistentHashFactory is selected automatically, enabling Server Hinting. However, if Server Hinting is not configured, JBoss Data Grid's distribution algorithms are allowed to store replications in the same physical machine/rack/data center as the original data.