7.5. Configure Distribution Mode (Remote Client-Server Mode)

Distribution mode is a clustered mode in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid. Distribution mode can be added to any cache container using the following procedure:

Procedure 7.1. The distributed-cache Element

<cache-container name="clustered" 
	<transport executor="infinispan-transport" lock-timeout="60000"/>
	<distributed-cache name="default"
			<!-- Additional configuration information here -->
The distributed-cache element configures settings for the distributed cache using the following parameters:
  1. The name parameter provides a unique identifier for the cache.
  2. The mode parameter sets the clustered cache mode. Valid values are SYNC (synchronous) and ASYNC (asynchronous).
  3. The (optional) segments parameter specifies the number of hash space segments per cluster. The recommended value for this parameter is ten multiplied by the cluster size and the default value is 20.
  4. The start parameter specifies whether the cache starts when the server starts up or when it is requested or deployed.
  5. The owners parameter indicates the number of nodes that will contain the hash segment.
  6. If statistics are enabled at the container level, per-cache statistics can be selectively disabled for caches that do not require monitoring by setting the statistics attribute to false.


JGroups must be appropriately configured for clustered mode before attempting to load this configuration.
For details about the cache-container, locking, and transaction elements, see the appropriate chapter.