Chapter 5. Set Up Logging

5.1. About Logging

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid provides highly configurable logging facilities for both its own internal use and for use by deployed applications. The logging subsystem is based on JBoss LogManager and it supports several third party application logging frameworks in addition to JBoss Logging.
The logging subsystem is configured using a system of log categories and log handlers. Log categories define what messages to capture, and log handlers define how to deal with those messages (write to disk, send to console, etc).
After a JBoss Data Grid cache is configured with operations such as eviction and expiration, logging tracks relevant activity (including errors or failures).
When set up correctly, logging provides a detailed account of what occurred in the environment and when. Logging also helps track activity that occurred just before a crash or problem in the environment. This information is useful when troubleshooting or when attempting to identify the source of a crash or error.