Chapter 22. Set Up JBoss Operations Network (JON)

22.1. About JBoss Operations Network (JON)

The JBoss Operations Network (JON) is JBoss' administration and management platform used to develop, test, deploy and monitor the application life cycle. JBoss Operations Network is JBoss' enterprise management solution and is recommended for the management of multiple Red Hat JBoss Data Grid instances across servers. JBoss Operations Network's agent and auto discovery features facilitate monitoring the Cache Manager and Cache instances in JBoss Data Grid. JBoss Operations Network presents graphical views of key runtime parameters and statistics and allows administrators to set thresholds and be notified if usage exceeds or falls under the set thresholds.


In Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Remote Client-Server mode, statistics are enabled by default. While statistics are useful in assessing the status of JBoss Data Grid, they adversely affect performance and must be disabled if they are not required. In JBoss Data Grid Library mode, statistics are disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled when required.


To achieve full functionality of JBoss Operations Network library plugin for JBoss Data Grid's Library mode, upgrade to JBoss Operations Network 3.2.0 with patch Update 02 or higher version. For information on upgrading the JBoss Operations Network, see the Upgrading JBoss ON section in the JBoss Operations Network Installation Guide.