Chapter 33. Data Interoperability

33.1. Protocol Interoperability

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid protocol interoperability allows data in the form of raw bytes to be read/write accessed by different protocols, such as REST, Memcached, and Hot Rod, that are written in various programming languages, such as C++ or Java.
By default, each protocol stores data in the most efficient format for that protocol, ensuring transformations are not required when retrieving entries. When this data is required to be accessed from multiple protocols, compatibility mode must be enabled on caches that are being shared.
Enabling Compatibility Mode

The compatibility element's marshaller parameter may be set to a custom marshaler to enable compatibility conversions. An example of this is found below:

Example 33.1. Compatibility Mode Enabled

<cache-container name="local" default-cache="default" statistics="true">
    <local-cache name="default" start="EAGER" statistics="true">
        <compatibility marshaller="com.example.CustomMarshaller"/>
For more information on protocol interoperability refer to the Use Cases and Requirements section in the JBoss Data Grid Developer Guide.