Chapter 2. Cache Managers

A Cache Manager is the primary mechanism to retrieve a cache instance in Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, and is a starting point for using the cache.
In JBoss Data Grid, a cache manager is useful because:
  • it creates cache instances on demand.
  • it retrieves existing cache instances (i.e. caches that have already been created).

2.1. Types of Cache Managers

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid offers the following Cache Managers:
  • EmbeddedCacheManager is a cache manager that runs within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) used by the client. Currently, JBoss Data Grid offers only the DefaultCacheManager implementation of the EmbeddedCacheManager interface.
  • RemoteCacheManager is used to access remote caches. When started, the RemoteCacheManager instantiates connections to the Hot Rod server (or multiple Hot Rod servers). It then manages the persistent TCP connections while it runs. As a result, RemoteCacheManager is resource-intensive. The recommended approach is to have a single RemoteCacheManager instance for each Java Virtual Machine (JVM).