C.5. CacheManager

The CacheManager component acts as a manager, factory, and container for caches in the system.

Table C.8. Attributes

Name Description Type Writable
cacheManagerStatus The status of the cache manager instance. String No
clusterMembers Lists members in the cluster. String No
clusterName Cluster name. String No
clusterSize Size of the cluster in the number of nodes. int No
createdCacheCount The total number of created caches, including the default cache. String No
definedCacheCount The total number of defined caches, excluding the default cache. String No
definedCacheNames The defined cache names and their statuses. The default cache is not included in this representation. String No
name The name of this cache manager. String No
nodeAddress The network address associated with this instance. String No
physicalAddresses The physical network addresses associated with this instance. String No
runningCacheCount The total number of running caches, including the default cache. String No
version Infinispan version. String No
globalConfigurationAsProperties Global configuration properties Properties No

Table C.9. Operations

Name Description Signature
startCache Starts the default cache associated with this cache manager. void startCache()
startCache Starts a named cache from this cache manager. void startCache (String p0)
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