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1.5. Searching

To execute a search, create a Lucene query (see Section 5.1.1, “Building a Lucene Query Using the Lucene-based Query API”). Wrap the query in a org.infinispan.query.CacheQuery to get the required functionality from the Lucene-based API. The following code prepares a query against the indexed fields. Executing the code returns a list of Books.

Example 1.1. Using Infinispan Query to Create and Execute a Search

QueryBuilder qb = Search.getSearchManager(cache).buildQueryBuilderForClass(Book.class).get(); query = qb
  .onFields("title", "author")
  .matching("Java rocks!")

// wrap Lucene query in a org.infinispan.query.CacheQuery
CacheQuery cacheQuery = Search.getSearchManager(cache).getQuery(query);

List list = cacheQuery.list();