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6.2. Enabling Infinispan Query DSL-based Queries

In library mode, running Infinispan Query DSL-based queries is almost identical to running Lucene-based API queries. Prerequisites are:
  • All libraries required for Infinispan Query (see Section 2.1.1, “Infinispan Query Dependencies in Library Mode” for details) and infinispan-query-dsl.jar in the classpath.
  • Indexing enabled and configured for caches (optional). See Section 2.4, “Configure Indexing” for details.
  • Annotated POJO cache values (optional). If indexing is not enabled, POJO annotations are also not required and are ignored if set. If indexing is not enabled, all fields that follow JavaBeans conventions are searchable instead of only the fields with Hibernate Search annotations.
If Maven is used for dependency management, infinispan-query-dsl.jar is automatically included by infinispan-query.jar.