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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 6.3.0-10Fri Dec 05 2014Misha Husnain Ali
Updated for 6.3.2.
Revision 6.3.0-9Wed Oct 08 2014Misha Husnain Ali
BZ-1149956: Added important admonition.
Revision 6.3.0-8Wed Sep 24 2014Gemma Sheldon
Final draft for release.
Revision 6.3.0-7Mon Aug 11 2014Gemma Sheldon
BZ-1109191: Multiple changes to Chapters 1 and 2. Moving topics and some minor changes to content. Added Section 2.5.
Revision 6.3.0-5Tue Jul 15 2014Misha Husnain Ali
Final draft for release.
Revision 6.3.0-4Tue Jul 08 2014Misha Husnain Ali
BZ-1116832: Implemented general review items for this document.
Revision 6.3.0-3Wed Jul 02 2014Rakesh Ghatvisave
BZ-1114529: Added missing conjunction.
BZ-1113465: Corrected Hot Rod client names.
Revision 6.3.0-2Wed Apr 30 2014Rakesh Ghatvisave
BZ-1071027: Added querying comparison table.
Revision 6.3.0-1Tue Apr 15 2014Rakesh Ghatvisave
BZ-1085018: Corrected misspelled word.
Revision 6.3.0-0Fri Apr 11 2014Gemma Sheldon
BZ-1079080: Added example tags to all example code snippets.