6. Managing Errata Notifications for Registered Systems

Part of subscription management is tracking updates and new releases of software. Whenever an update is available — from a bug fix to a new release — a notification email can be sent to an administrator.
The notifications are smart, so they are only sent for 1) registered systems which 2) have subscriptions for that product attached to them. If there are no systems with attached subscriptions for that product, even if the account does have subscriptions for it, then no notification is sent.
Errata notifications are set as a preference for the user account, not for an individual system. So, when checking for potential errata updates, Subscription Management checks the entire inventory, not specific systems.
An errata notification is sent if any registered system is affected, but the email does not list what systems are actually affected.


Because Red Hat Network Subscription Management and RHN Classic have separate inventories, they each have their own errata notification setting. Even if errata notifications are already enabled for RHN Classic, they must still be enabled for Red Hat Network Subscription Management, or no errata notifications will be sent for systems managed in the Red Hat Network Subscription Management inventory.
To configure errata notifications for a user account:
  1. In the upper right corner of the Customer Portal, expand the details for the logged in user.
  2. Click the Account settings link.
  3. In the settings main page, click the Account Details link in the middle of the Your Red Hat Account box.
  4. In the Your Preferences menu on the left, click the Errata Notifications link.
  5. Select the checkboxes for each type of errata for which to receive an update. Security errata relate to critical security issues. Bug fixes and enhancement notifications relate to incremental updates to the product.
  6. Set the frequency to receive errata notifications. This applies to all selected types of errata notifications.
  7. Click the Save button.