Chapter 2. Notable enhancements

2.1. FIPS support

If enabled in the operating system for your OpenShift cluster and its worker nodes, FIPS is supported. See Installing FIPS on OpenShift.

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2.2. Initial support of backup and restore

To support level 3 of the Operator Framework capability levels, the CodeReady Workspaces Operator can back up and restore the operand.

To start a backup or restore operation, choose one of the available methods:

  • Use the crwctl command-line tool.
  • Create a dedicated CustomResource: CheClusterBackup or CheClusterRestore.

The backup contains CodeReady Workspaces server components. Workspace objects for users are not included.

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2.3. Multi-root mode for Che-Theia

With this update, Che-Theia supports one unique mode: multi-root. The transitional feature toggle multiRoot: 'on' in a devfile has been removed.

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2.4. Specifying custom labels and annotations to user namespaces

With this update, the CodeReady Workspaces server supports setting custom labels and annotations for user namespaces.

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