Chapter 3. FAQ

  1. Can I install CodeReady Workspaces offline (that is, disconnected from the internet)?

    Yes, you can. For detailed instructions, see Installing CodeReady Workspaces in restricted environments chapter of the Administration Guide.

  2. Can I use non-default certificates with CodeReady Workspaces?

    Yes, you can use self-signed or public certificates. See Installing CodeReady Workspaces on OpenShift v3 chapter of the Administration Guide.

  3. Can I run multiple workspaces simultaneously?

    The following two conditions prevent the user from running multiple workspaces simultaneously:

    • CodeReady Workspaces uses the common Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) strategy
    • Persistent volumes (PVs) use ReadWriteOnce (RWO) access mode

      To work around this limitation to run multiple workspaces simultaneously, use one of the following measures:

    • set ReadWriteMany (RWX) access mode for PVs
    • use the unique PVC strategy
    • use the per-workspace strategy