Chapter 5. Installing CodeReady Workspaces on OpenShift Dedicated

CodeReady Workspaces deployment requires cluster-admin OpenShift privileges. To install CodeReady Workspaces on OpenShift Dedicated cluster, a special procedure needs to be followed.

  • It is not possible to use OpenShift OAuth for CodeReady Workspaces authentication when deployed on OpenShift Dedicated using the method described in this section.
  • If your OpenShift Dedicated cluster is compatible with 4.1, the installation of CodeReady Workspaces 1.2 will be handled from the Operator Hub. This installation will not require the cluster-admin rights. For detailed steps to install CodeReady Workspaces from the Operator Hub, see Chapter 3, Installing CodeReady Workspaces on OpenShift 4 from OperatorHub.



To install CodeReady Workspaces on OpenShift Dedicated, you need to use the deployment script distributed with CodeReady Workspaces 1.0.2 and manually specify CodeReady Workspaces container images from version 1.2.

  1. Download and unpack the deployment script from CodeReady Workspaces 1.0.2 from See Section 2.2, “Downloading the CodeReady Workspaces deployment script” for detailed instructions. Ensure that you are downloading the 1.0.2 version (direct link: codeready-workspaces-1.0.2.GA-operator-installer.tar.gz).
  2. Run the deployment script and specify:

    • 1.2 codeready-workspaces/server-rhel8 image
    • 1.0 codeready-workspaces/server-operator image

      $ ./ --deploy \ \

      See Running the CodeReady Workspaces deployment script for a description of other available parameters that can be used with the deployment script to customize the CodeReady Workspaces deployment.