Chapter 1. Release notes

Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces is a next-generation web-based integrated development environment (IDE). CodeReady Workspaces runs in OpenShift and is well-suited for container-based development.

This section documents the most important features and bug fixes in the Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces product.

1.1. About Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 1.1 provides cloud developer workspace server and browser-based IDE built for teams and organizations. CodeReady Workspaces includes ready-to-use developer stacks for most of the popular programming languages, frameworks, and Red Hat technologies.

Built on Eclipse Che (version 6.18.2), the next-generation IDE and most advanced open-source cloud development environment, CodeReady Workspaces provides developer workspaces, which includes all the tools and the dependencies that are needed to code, build, test, run, and debug applications. The entire product runs in the cloud and eliminates the need to install anything on a local machine.

CodeReady Workspaces offers:

  • fast onboarding capabilities for teams with powerful collaboration, workspace automation, and management at scale
  • removes inconsistencies and the “works on my machine” syndrome
  • protects source code from the hard-to-secure developer and personal laptops

CodeReady Workspaces 1.1 introduces:

  • Compatibility with OpenShift 4.0
  • Installation in disconnected environments
  • Simplified configuration of OpenShift OAuth and cluster certificates

Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 1.1 is available today in the Red Hat Container Catalog. Install it on OpenShift Container Platform, starting at version 3.11 (or request to have it deployed on OpenShift Dedicated), by following the instructions in the Administration Guide.

For OpenShift 4.0, CodeReady Workspaces 1.1 is available today in Developer Preview from the Operator Hub. Based on a new operator that leverages the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM), the installation flow is getting simpler and can be handled without leaving the OpenShift Console. The OLM also allows for automated updates. If you already have OpenShift 4.0, follow the dedicated documentation: Installing CodeReady Workspaces from Operator Hub.

1.1.1. Installing and deploying CodeReady Workspaces

For OpenShift 3.11, see the Installing CodeReady Workspaces chapter of the Administration Guide.

For OpenShift 4.0, see the Installing CodeReady Workspaces from Operator Hub chapter of the Administration Guide.

1.1.2. Support policy

For Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 1.1.0, Red Hat will provide support for deployment, configuration, and use of the product.

CodeReady Workspaces 1.1.0 has been tested on Chrome version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit).

For more information, see CodeReady Workspaces life-cycle and support policy.