Chapter 7. Installing CodeReady Studio Integration Stack in Red Hat CodeReady Studio when Online

CodeReady Studio Integration Stack is available to install from CodeReady Studio, through Red Hat Central Software/Update tab, when online.


Before using the following instructions to install CodeReady Studio Integration Stack, ensure that CodeReady Studio is installed. For detailed steps to install CodeReady Studio, see Install Red Hat CodeReady Studio.

To install CodeReady Studio Integration Stack in CodeReady Studio when online:

  1. Start CodeReady Studio 12.11.
  2. In Red Hat Central, click the Software/Update tab. If Red Hat Central is not visible, click HelpRed Hat Central.
  3. In the list of available software, locate CodeReady Studio Integration Stack.
  4. Select the check boxes corresponding to the CodeReady Studio Integration Stack functionality you want to install:

    1. For Red Hat Process Automation Manager, select Red Hat Business Process and Rules Development (BPEL, BPMN2, jBPMS6, Drools).
  5. Click Install/Update.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Restart the IDE to apply the changes. Until it is restarted, the changes may make the IDE unstable.

Once installed, you may need to complete additional configuration actions before you can use the CodeReady Studio Integration Stack functionality. For plug-in specific configuration information, see the appropriate Red Hat JBoss product documentation available from the Red Hat Customer Portal.


If you install only selected functionalities from a CodeReady Studio Integration Stack category, then the category continues to be listed as uninstalled in the Red Hat Central Software/Update tab.