Chapter 4. Known Issues

The issues mentioned in this section are the most important blocker or critical known issues for this release.

4.1. BPMN2 1.5.1.Final

  • Bug 501229: Default 'Skippable' is not generated for imported processes
  • RHBPMS-283: By JBDS community version name is used for a jbpm.version variable in jBPM project’s pom.xml file
  • RHBPMS-1536: Process is deformed when special characters are used
  • RHBPMS-1928: service task workitemhandler node parsing error in JBDS
  • RHBPMS-4102: Constant assignment can not be used for service task input parameter
  • RHBPMS-4342: Missing data type for Error Definition
  • Bug 1321332: BPMN2 Modeler: unable to input more than 255 characters in text area
  • Bug 1324041: Missing 'Is Async' property for script tasks
  • Bug 1190688: Intermediate Link events paired N to 1

4.2. Drools 7.21.0.Final

  • DROOLS-2793: Error when dslr is created
  • RHBRMS-1416: MVELExprAnalyzer assesses a correct date syntax as error