Chapter 2. Enhancements

  • A server adapter has been added to CodeReady Studio to work with Red Hat JBoss Wildfly 24.
  • You can now create new components from component types and starter projects. (JBIDE-27676)
  • The Hibernate runtimes 3.5, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 are now disabled by default. To re enable them, change your settings on the Hibernate preference page. (JBIDE-27841)
  • CodeReady Studio now contains a runtime plugin for future Hibernate releases beginning from Hibernate version 5.5. (JBIDE-27351)
  • OpenShift Enhancements in CodeReady Studio:

    • OpenShift tools are now based on odo 2.2.2. (JBIDE-27837)