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Chapter 5. Uninstalling CodeReady Studio

The following section describes how to uninstall CodeReady Studio using Eclipse or the Installer.

Note that you can have multiple versions of CodeReady Studio installed on your system, provided you have these versions located in different directories.

5.1. Uninstalling Red Hat CodeReady Studio using Eclipse

The following section describes how to uninstall CodeReady Studio installed with Eclipse Marketplace or Update Site Zip.


  1. Start Eclipse IDE.
  2. Click HelpEclipse Marketplace
  3. Navigate to the Installed section.
  4. Locate Red Hat CodeReady Studio.
  5. Click the down arrow near the Change button.

    The drop-down menu appears.

  6. Click the Uninstall button.

    The Confirm Selected Features window appears.

  7. Ensure that Red Hat CodeReady Studio is selected.
  8. Click ConfirmFinish.

    The Software Updates dialog box appears.

  9. Click Yes to restart Eclipse.

    Note that the changes do not take effect until you restart Eclipse.

5.2. Uninstalling CodeReady Studio using the Installer

The following section describes how to uninstall the CodeReady Studio installed with the Installer.


  1. Ensure that CodeReady Studio is not running.
  2. Navigate to the /Uninstaller directory:

    $ cd /path-to/Uninstaller

    Replace path-to with the path to the CodeReady Studio /Uninstaller directory.

  3. Start the uninstaller:

    $ java -jar uninstaller.jar

    The IzPack Uninstaller dialog box appears.

  4. Check Force the deletion box to remove the CodeReady Studio installation directory. If the check box is not selected, some files will be left behind in the installation directory.
  5. Click the Uninstall button.