Chapter 6. Reporting issues from within Red Hat CodeReady Studio

Red Hat CodeReady Studio and JBoss Tools allow you to report issues as they are encountered from within the IDE. It is recommended that you report issues frequently and include as much detail as possible to help the development and testing teams replicate and fix the issue. When an error, related to the JBoss Tools plugins occurs, a notification displays in the lower right corner of the IDE. The notification outlines the error. You can either dismiss, send directly, or provide more details about the error.

You can also enable error reporting from: Preferences > General > Error Reporting. These menu options also allow you to adjust error reporting. If enabled, when you encounter a plugin related error, a pop-up notification describing the error will display. The user can either dismiss or send the error directly, or provide more details about the error. When submitting the report, you can optionally provide an email address. You will be contacted on the given email address in case more information about the error is required. If you do not enter an email address, the report will be anonymous.

Another way to report errors is by raising a ticket in JIRA. You must enter as much detail as possible in the JIRA ticket to help the team debug the error. You can attach the error log to the JIRAs submitted against each problem to provide context for the issue.