Chapter 6. Administrative tasks

6.1. Starting Monitoring, Alerting, and Telemetry

To make sure CodeReady Containers can run on a typical laptop, some resource-heavy services get disabled by default. One of these is Prometheus and the related monitoring, alerting, and telemetry functionality. Telemetry functionality is responsible for listing your cluster in the Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager.


  • You must assign additional memory to the CodeReady Containers virtual machine. At least 14 GiB of memory (a value of 14336) is recommended for core functionality. Increased workloads will require more memory. For more information, see Configuring the virtual machine.


  1. Set the enable-cluster-monitoring configurable property to true:

    $ crc config set enable-cluster-monitoring true
  2. Start the virtual machine:

    $ crc start

    Cluster monitoring cannot be disabled. To remove monitoring, alerting, and telemetry, set the enable-cluster-monitoring configurable property to false and delete the existing CodeReady Containers virtual machine.