Chapter 2. Migration Considerations


If you want to migrate from a version prior to CloudForms 4.7 (CFME 5.10), you must first migrate to CloudForms 4.7 (CFME 5.10). You can migrate directly to CloudForms 5.0 (CFME 5.11) only from CloudForms 4.7 (CFME 5.10). See Migrating to Red Hat CloudForms 5.0 for more information.

2.1. Migrating to a New Appliance

If you are migrating from an existing appliance to a new one, the target appliance must be able to accommodate the new 12 Gb resource profile used by Red Hat CloudForms 5.0, even if the source appliance only uses 8 Gb.

2.2. Migrating on the same appliance

In-place upgrade to CloudForms 5.0 from previous versions is not supported.