Chapter 1. Introduction

Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine (CFME) delivers the insight, control, and automation enterprises need to address the challenges of managing virtual environments, which are far more complex than physical ones. This technology enables enterprises with existing virtual infrastructures to improve visibility and control, and those just starting virtualization deployments to build and operate a well-managed virtual infrastructure.

Red Hat CloudForms 5.0 is comprised of a single component, the CloudForms Management Engine. It has the following feature sets:

  • Insight: Discovery, Monitoring, Utilization, Performance, Reporting, Analytics, Chargeback, and Trending.
  • Control: Security, Compliance, Alerting, Policy-Based Resource and Configuration Management.
  • Automate: IT Process, Task and Event, Provisioning, Workload Management and Orchestration.
  • Integrate: Systems Management, Tools and Processes, Event Consoles, CMDB, RBA, and Web Services.

1.1. Getting Support

If you experience difficulty with a procedure described in this documentation, visit the Red Hat Customer Portal at Through the customer portal, you can:

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  • Access other product documentation

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1.2. Red Hat CloudForms Life Cycle

For an overview of the life cycle phases for Red Hat CloudForms and the status of support for this product, see Red Hat Cloudforms Life Cycle.