Chapter 6. Deprecated Functionality

The following are deprecated with Red Hat CloudForms 5.0 (CFME 5.11).

Deprecated support for Red Hat CloudForms appliances running on the following cloud providers:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Red Hat OpenShift Platform

Podified Red Hat CloudForms appliance builds (CloudForms running on OpenShift) are no longer provided.

Deprecated provider:

  • Google Compute Engine

No longer supported for Cloud Intelligence:

  • RSS Feed
  • Timelines

No longer supported for Optimization:

  • Bottleneck
  • Planning

Additional deprecations:

  • Load balancer inventory for all public providers

No longer supported for Automate:

  • OpenShift deployment

6.1. Deprecated Functionality in Next Major Version

The following will be deprecated with the next release of Red Hat CloudForms 5.1 (CFME 5.12):

  • The miq-LDAP module will be replaced by external authentication.