Chapter 6. Generating OpenSCAP Scanning Reports

You can output the results of an OpenSCAP scan of images to a report for an overview of the security risk level of images. The Images by Failed OpenSCAP Rule Results is included with CloudForms and shows whether the image has passed or failed OpenSCAP policy criteria, and the security risk.


You can also create a copy of this report and edit it to contain additional information, such as the project name where the image is used, to produce more useful results. See Editing a Report and See Reportable Fields in Red Hat CloudForms in Monitoring, Alerts, and Reporting for instructions on customizing reports.

To create a report showing image compliance:

  1. Navigate to Cloud IntelligenceReports.
  2. Click the ReportsAll Reports accordion.
  3. Navigate to Configuration ManagementContainersImages by Failed OpenSCAP Rule Results for a report showing which images have failed the OpenSCAP compliance.
  4. Click play arrow Queue.
  5. The report generation is placed in the queue and its status shows in the reports page.


  6. Click reload (Refresh this page) to update the status.
  7. Navigate to the Saved Reports accordion, and click the report when it is completed.
  8. Click on the report download buttons for the type of export you want. The report is automatically named with the type of report and date.

    • Click textImage (Download this report in text format) to download as text.
    • Click textImage (Download this report in CSV format) to download as a comma-separated file.
    • Click 2134 (Download this report in PDF format) to download as PDF.