Chapter 2. Scanning Container Images Manually

When running SmartState analysis on container images, scanning containers are created on the target provider. The container image being inspected is pulled, mounted, and analyzed for vulnerabilities.

To run a single scan via SmartState analysis:

  1. Navigate to ComputeContainersContainer Images.
  2. Select the images to scan and click ConfigurationPerform SmartState Analysis.

You can follow the scan status by navigating to TasksAll Tasks from the settings menu.

2.1. Viewing Scanning Results

Once complete, you can view the container image scanning results displayed on the summary page for each image.

  1. Select ComputeContainersContainer Images.
  2. Click the desired image.
  3. Locate the Configuration section on the container image summary page and select OpenSCAP HTML to view an OpenSCAP HTML report.