Chapter 2. Redfish Physical Infrastructure Provider Release Notes

The Red Hat CloudForms supports the following Redfish physical infrastructure provider functionality:

  • Inventory
  • LED Identification Operations
  • Power Operations
  • Events

2.1. Inventory

Redfish physical infrastructure provider collects the inventory on all of the discoverable systems, populating the database behind the scenes. The first inventory operation is automatic, while the subsequent ones occur either regularly or manually. The inventory is currently not updated upon Redfish events.

Depending on the capabilities of the systems under inventory, the Redfish may distinguish between entities such as blocks, racks, sleds, chassis, physical servers and others. These categories are mapped into Red Hat CloudForms categories as follows:

CloudForms Convention.Redfish Convention.

Physical Rack


Physical Chassis

Block, Sled, Chassis

Physical Server


2.2. LED Identification Operations

Physical systems may support identification through remotly manipulating a dedicated identification LED located somewhere on the enclosure. Red Hat CloudForms provides the following identification LED operations:

Identity action.Expected LED state after action.

Turn LED On


Turn LED Off


Blink LED


2.3. Power Operations

Power operations change the status of the power supply of the system and can also trigger a reboot of the target physical system. It is always possible to request any power operation regardless of the system’s current power state. However, depending on the vendor’s implementation, some operations may not have any effect if the system is in a wrong state at the time when it receives the request.

Power operation.Expected power state after action.

Power On

Powering On, On

Power Off

Powering Off, Off

Power Off Immediately

Powering Off, Off


Powering Off, Off, Powering On, On

Restart Immediately

Powering Off, Off, Powering On, On

The following power actions are not supported:

  • Restart to System Setup
  • Restart Management Controller

2.4. Events

Red Hat CloudForms supports Redfish events from the vendors that support the Server-Side Events (SSE) technology. The events received are then completely dependent on the vendor’s implementation and the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) configuration.