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Chapter 5. Timelines

5.1. Accessing and Using a Timeline

You can use timelines to view the history record for virtual machines.


Amazon does not provide events, so Red Hat CloudForms does not support timelines for virtual machines hosted by Amazon.

  1. Navigate to Cloud IntelTimelines.
  2. From the accordion on the left, click a category of Timeline.

    • Select Configuration Management to see when items were brought under management.
    • Select Events to view timelines related to operations and changes in configuration.
  3. Drag the relevant time band, such as hour, day, or month to go to the time you want to see.


    Some timelines, such as Events Operations: All Events, use minutes, hours, and days instead of going back only 30 days.

  4. To see more detail for a resource in the timeline, click on it. A balloon appears with a clickable link to the resource.

5.2. Downloading a Timeline’s Data

You can download timeline data for further analysis or printing.

  1. Navigate to Cloud IntelTimelines, and click the timeline you want to download.
  2. Click on the download button for the format you want.

    • Click 2133 (Download this Timeline data in text format) to download as text.
    • Click 2133 (Download this Timeline data in csv format) to download as a comma separated file.
    • Click 2134 (Download this Timeline data in PDF format) to download as PDF.