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Chapter 3. Configuring AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Authentication

If you choose Amazon AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) as your authentication mode, required parameters are exposed under Amazon Primary AWS Account Settings for IAM (Identity and Access Management). Be sure to validate your settings before saving them.


For further information on AWS Identity and Access Management settings, see the AWS documentation.

To configure CloudForms to use AWS IAM authentication:

  1. From the settings menu, select Configuration.
  2. Select your server in the Settings accordion.
  3. Select the Authentication tab.
  4. Use Session Timeout to set the period of inactivity before a user is logged out of the console.
  5. Select Amazon as the authentication method in the Mode list.
  6. Type in an Access Key provided by your Amazon account.
  7. Type in a Secret Key provided by your Amazon account.
  8. Optionally, select Get User Groups from Amazon to retrieve the user’s group membership from Amazon. This is used for mapping a user’s authorization to a CloudForms role.
  9. Click Validate to verify your settings.
  10. Click Save.

Users logging into CloudForms with Amazon authentication enter their own IAM access key as the username and IAM secret access key as the password.

Amazon users must be added as a CloudForms user or belong to an IAM user group added to the list of CloudForms groups.