Chapter 5. Scaling a Highly Available CloudForms Environment

After creating high availability for the database tier and the user interface tier, the rest of the infrastructure should be sized appropriately for the roles and the environments that they manage. These roles and tiers use built-in high availability mechanisms like primary, secondary, and tertiary failover.

You can configure additional worker appliances as needed using the steps in Section 2.6, “Installing Additional CloudForms Appliances”, and then assign zones and server roles. The non-database CloudForms appliances and roles can be configured in any order.

The following diagram shows an example of a highly available database configuration that contains worker appliances, providers, and the HAProxy load balancer configured in Chapter 4, Configuring the HAProxy Load Balancer.

The worker appliances in the diagram are labeled by server role (User Interface, Management, and Database Ops) and corresponding zone to show how a highly available environment might be scaled with server roles and zones.

CloudForms HA Architecture 431939 0917 ECE 02

See Regions and Servers in General Configuration for more information on configuring servers and roles.

See Deploying CloudForms at Scale for further recommendations on scaling your CloudForms environment.