Chapter 4. Creating a Catalog Item

Create a service catalog item to represent that service in a catalog.

  1. Navigate to ServicesCatalog.
  2. Click the Catalog Items accordion.
  3. Click 1847 (Configuration), and then 1862 (Add a new Catalog Item).
  4. Select RHEV from the Catalog Item Type list.
  5. Enter the basic details in the Basic Info tab:

    1. Enter a name for the catalog item in Name.
    2. Enter a description for the catalog item in Description.
    3. Select Display in Catalog.
    4. Select the catalog you created from the Catalog list.
    5. Select the service dialog you created from the Dialog list.
  6. Click the Details tab:

    1. Enter a description of the catalog item using HTML tags.
  7. Click the Request Info tab to enter the request details. Enter the same data you did in the traditional provisioning dialog.

    1. In the Catalog tab, select the template on which to base the virtual machine from the Selected VM area.
    2. Enter changeme as the default name of the virtual machine in VM Name.
    3. In the Network tab, select rhevm from the vLan list.
  8. Click Add.

In CloudForms, service catalog items can be more complex than a single virtual machine and are provisioned through a series of automation workflows. The service dialog you created will be used to gather information from the user requesting the virtual machine, hiding all the complexity of the details needed to actually deploy any of the components.

You can now provision a virtual machine through Red Hat Virtualization using the Self Service user interface.