Chapter 2. Configuring Nuage Networks VSP for Red Hat CloudForms integration

The Nuage Networks Provider for Red Hat CloudForms is a Network provider which can be used to monitor one or more Nuage Networks VSP deployments. For more details on how to deploy and install a Nuage Networks VSP deployment, please contact your Nokia or Nuage Networks representative.

2.1. Connectivity Requirements

For the successful integration of the Nuage Networks Provider, you will need to make sure that there is proper network connectivity between the Red Hat CloudForms nodes and the Nuage VSD nodes.

For the basic functionality of monitoring the networks and security groups that are present in the Nuage Networks VSP environment, connectivity can either be provided to a single VSD node to port 8443, or using the load-balancer which is deployed in front of a VSD cluster environment, in which case the port advertised by the load-balancer should be used when configuring the Nuage Networks Provider.

For the events and alarms monitoring functionality, the Red Hat CloudForms nodes will need connectivity to port 5672 on each VSD node of the Nuage Networks VSP environment.

2.2. Configuring the Nuage Networks VSP environment

Please follow the Nuage Networks VSP Installation and User guides to install the Nuage Networks components and configure them with the networks, policies and features you want to use.

It is advised to create at least one user on the global level in the Nuage Networks VSP environment. This user can be used to configure the Nuage Networks Red Hat CloudForms provider and facilitate the connection between Red Hat CloudForms and the Nuage Networks VSP environment.