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Chapter 13. Updating physical server firmware using Ansible playbooks

In CloudForms, physical server firmware can be updated using an Ansible playbook.

Note: An Ansible Tower provider that points to an Ansible Tower instance must be added to CloudForms. See the Adding an Ansible Tower Provider section in the CloudForms Managing Providers documentation.

  1. Within Ansible Tower, create a job template for the config.yml playbook. Specify update_firmware as the job tag and any extra variables that are required by the playbook. Ensure that the option to prompt on launch is enabled. You can use this playbook to upgrade firmware on a physical server. You can get this playbook from the web at
  2. Follow the steps that are described in the Executing an Ansible Tower Job Template from a Service Catalog section in the CloudForms Managing Providers documentation. Use the job template that you created in the previous step.