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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat CloudForms

Chapter 1. Overview

The Lenovo® Physical Infrastructure Provider provides IT administrators the ability to integrate the management features of Lenovo XClarity Administrator with the hybrid-cloud management capabilities of Red Hat CloudForms. Lenovo expands the physical-infrastructure management for on-premise cloud configurations by leveraging Lenovo hardware management. It provides the configuration, monitoring, event management, and power monitoring needed to reduce cost and complexity through server consolidation and simplified management.

Key features include:

  • Seamlessly integrates with one or more XClarity Administrator virtual appliances, providing a summary view of the Lenovo infrastructure, relationship views of physical servers and virtual hosts, and configuration of servers using Configuration Patterns. In addition, there is a dashboard view that displays the following:

    • The number of servers, switches, racks, and storage systems being mangaged
    • Widgets that display information about server health, availability, and recently discovered servers
  • Provides a single interface to monitor Lenovo hardware that is managed by multiple instances of XClarity Administrator
  • Automatically discovers hardware that is managed by XClarity Administrator
  • Manage devices for use in on-premise cloud deployments
  • Provides a timeline of server events
  • Uses customizable filters to organize views of managed devices across the data center
  • Generates relationships between physical servers and the virtual hosts (such as ESXI, ovirt, KVM, and Red Hat OpenStack)
  • Manages current system settings (such as BMC, uEFI, and boot order settings) on the managed devices
  • Simplifies system management through custom policies and automation that respond to the health status of hardware devices