Chapter 1. Creating a Virtual Machine Analysis Profile

  1. Log into the appliance as the admin user.
  2. From the settings menu, select Configuration.
  3. Expand the Settings accordion, then click Analysis Profiles.
  4. Click image (Configuration), then image (Add VM Analysis Profile).
  5. In Basic Information, enter Name and Description for the analysis profile.
  6. In the Category tab, select the categories you want to collect information for under Category Selection. The Category tab is available for virtual machine profiles only.
  7. In the File tab, click <New Entry> and specify the file to be scanned and if you want to collect contents for, then click Save. Repeat the step for adding multiple file name entries.
  8. In the Registry tab, enter the Registry Key and Registry Value, then click Save. To determine whether a registry key exists without providing a value, enter * in Registry Value. The Registry tab is available for virtual machine profiles only.
  9. In the Event Log tab, specify the event log entries to collect. Enter a Filter Message to look for specific text in a message. Enter a Level (info, warn or error, for example) to specify the event level. Enter the Source for the event log entry and # (Number) of Days to specify how far back to check.
  10. Click Add.