Chapter 2. Creating an Action to Assign the Virtual Machine Analysis Profile to the Analysis Task

Actions are performed after the condition is evaluated. You can associate actions with specific events when you create a policy. Red Hat CloudForms provides a set of default actions, but you can also create custom actions using the CloudForms user interface.

Use this procedure to create a custom action by adding the Assign Profile to Analysis Task action type to the virtual machine analysis profile (created in Chapter 1, Creating a Virtual Machine Analysis Profile).


  1. Navigate to ControlExplorer.
  2. Expand the Actions accordion and click image (Configuration), then image (Add a new Action).
  3. Enter a Description for the new action. This will be the name given to your new action.
  4. Select Assign Profile to Analysis Task from the Action Type list.
  5. Select the newly-created virtual machine analysis profile from the Analysis Profiles list.
  6. Click Add.

You can only associate this action with an analysis start event.

The action is created and added to the Available Actions list. Associate this action with the VM Analysis Start event when you create a virtual machine control policy in the next procedure.