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Chapter 6. Middleware Management Providers

In Red Hat CloudForms, a middleware provider is a middleware management environment that you can add to a Red Hat CloudForms appliance to manage and interact with the resources in that environment. This chapter describes the middleware provider that you can add to Red Hat CloudForms, and how to manage them.

The middleware provider extends CloudForms management capabilities to JBoss Middleware application containers running in managed virtual machines, hosts, and Linux containers. The provider delivers inventory, events, metrics, and power operations. Middleware management in CloudForms is a provider based on the Hawkular open source project. When feature complete, the middleware provider will replace the current Red Hat middleware management offering, JBoss Operations Network.


This release of the middleware provider is a Technology Preview. Technology Previews provide early access to upcoming product innovations, allowing you to test new features and provide feedback during the development process. Technology Preview releases are not intended for production use. For more information on the support scope for features marked as technology previews, see Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

6.1. Adding a Middleware Provider

After initial installation and creation of a Red Hat CloudForms environment, add a middleware provider to the appliance.

  1. Navigate to MiddlewareProviders.
  2. Click 1847 (Configuration), then click 1862 (Add a New Middleware Provider).
  3. Enter a Name for the provider, for example, Middleware Manager.
  4. From the Type list, select Hawkular.
  5. Accept the default Zone.
  6. Under Endpoints, configure the following for the middleware provider:

    1. Select a Security protocol method to specify how to authenticate to the provider. To use SSL to authenticate the provider, the middleware management server must be started with the service option HAWKULAR_USE_SSL=true.


      The only supported security protocols for the current release of Hawkular are SSL without validation and Non-SSL.

      • SSL (SSL with validation) – Authenticate the provider securely using a trusted certificate authority. This requires that you have already configured your public and private keys in the /client-secrets directory as either two .PEM files or as a single .pkcs12 file.
      • SSL trusting custom CA – Authenticate the provider with a self-signed certificate. For this option, copy your certificate’s text to the Trusted CA Certificates field in .PEM format.
      • SSL without validation – Authenticate the provider insecurely (not recommended).
      • Non-SSL – Select if you do not want to use SSL.
    2. Enter the Hostname or IPv4 or IPv6 address of the machine where you installed the middleware manager.
    3. Enter the API Port of the middleware manager. The default is 8080.
    4. Enter the User Name used to start the middleware manager. This should match the HAWKULAR_USERNAME.
    5. Enter the Password used to start the middleware manager. This should match the HAWKULAR_PASSWORD.
    6. Reenter the password in the Confirm Password field.
    7. Click Validate to confirm that the user has the proper credentials.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click 1847 (Configuration), then click 2003 (Refresh Items and Relationships).

Red Hat CloudForms displays the summary screen:

Provider Summary Screen