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Chapter 17. VMware Networking Switches

After adding a VMware provider, Red Hat CloudForms automatically discovers all vSphere distributed switches (vDS) on that provider and collects the information in the Red Hat CloudForms inventory.

Navigate to ComputeInfrastructureNetworking to see a list of all VMware switches, along with information including Name, Ports, and UUID. Switches and port groups are listed by provider, then cluster on the sidebar.

Click on a switch to view its summary page, which displays relationships with hosts, and any tags.

17.1. Tagging VMware Networking Switches

Use tags to categorize vSphere distributed switches.

  1. Navigate to ComputeInfrastructureNetworking.
  2. Select the switches to tag.
  3. Click 1941 (Policy), and then 1851 (Edit Tags).

    VDS tagging

  4. Select a customer tag from the first dropdown, and then a value for the tag.
  5. Select more tags or click Save to apply the tags.