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Chapter 7. The Service Catalog Tab

The Service Catalog tab lists all service catalog items, displayed as tiles. These items must be configured on the administrative user interface before they will be accessible to the user here. You can filter or sort the service catalog items by Name, Description and Catalog Name.

Service Catalog

Click on a service to go to the page where you can enter the requested information in the dialog fields under Service and VM Name and VM Characteristics associated with the service. Note that there is now an ability to add dynamic dialog elements within the Self Service user interface, meaning you can include a particular dialog field where Red Hat CloudForms will communicate to the instance and method, obtain the required information, and enter the value in the field dynamically. After you have entered all information in the dialog fields, click Add to Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart Model:

The Self Service user interface has adopted a shopping cart model for ordering services, instead of ordering them immediately. Click on the shopping cart icon at the top to view all services added to the shopping cart that are available to order. You can delete a particular service from the cart if required, and order the services in the cart all at one time. Or, you can even choose to clear all the services in the cart and exit.

Shopping Cart

If you click Add to Shopping Cart for the same item, you will see a pop up window alerting you that there is an identical item in the cart but if you want to add it anyway.

Duplicate Item in the Shopping Cart