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Chapter 4. The Dashboard Tab

Once you log in to the Self Service user interface, you will see the dashboard screen by default. The Dashboard tab provides a quick summary of the services available, requests made, and their statuses as below:

  • Total Services
  • Current Services
  • Services Retiring Soon
  • Retired Services
  • Total Requests
  • Pending Requests
  • Approved Requests
  • Denied Requests

Dashboard Tab

Monthly Charges - This Month To Date
The Self Service user interface has added basic support for displaying monthly chargeback data of the computing and storage cost for the use of resources, in the currencies supported by the full administrative user interface. This provides a quick summary of where you are from cost standpoint to that point in the month. For more information about configuring chargeback rates in the full administrative user interface and how Red Hat CloudForms calculates chargeback costs, see Chargeback in the Monitoring, Alerts, and Reporting guide.

If you are on the first day of the month, there can be no data yet therefore resulting in zero dollar amount. Also, if you have a lot of data, it might not have rolled into the new month yet, resulting in no data and dollar amount for month to date.